Erica Synths is a team of creative visionaries, musicians and genius engineers to develop unique and innovative musical instruments that make a difference in terms of build quality, design, usage and solve problems that are not addressed yet - saving modular patches with Matrix Mixer and Graphic series modules, intuitive interfaces with Black series and distinctive ways of sound design using vacuum tubes in Fusion series modules. For DIY community we offer kits that contain rare and exotic electronic parts that were used in Soviet synths and military technologies.

good for the price. innovation


  • best eurorack !!

    NEW pico Voice
    NEW pico Voice


    Erica Pico Voice is amazingly versatile sound source just in 3HP. It features 8 sound generation algorithms: Karplus Strong, Chords, Wavetable, TB303 bassline emulation, PWM, Supersaw, Wavefold and Harmonic saturation,…

    € 155,00 € 139,00
  • Pico Drums
    Pico Drums

    The Pico Drums' two sample players make use of a pool of 64 samples in 12 bit quality to provide you with lots of drum sounds in just three HP. Each drum player can be triggered separately but they can interact when triggered…

    € 148,00
  • Pico VCO
    Pico VCO

    OVERVIEWThe Pico VCO is a versatile, yet space-saving oscillator. It features an assortment of 32 waveforms. Among them are standards of the analog world, partly fattened with a sub oscillator, as well as complex digital material…

    € 122,00
  • Pico SEQ
    Pico SEQ

    A tiny sequencer wonder, this Pico SEQ. Despite its size it is powerful, offers easy programming of CVs and gates, a maximal sequence length of 16 steps, variable gate length, quantization, various playback modes, even slide and…

    € 155,00
  • Pico DSP
    Pico DSP

    OVERVIEWPico DSP is a smallish version of the popular stereo effects processor Black Hole DSP. It contains eight algorithms, in detail four delays, two types of reverb, Leslie speaker emulation and an Overdrive / Bitcrusher. Each…

    € 145,00

    Spikes BEEB robot is a module noise machine.
    With touch sensitive,From the beeb colexion

    Collaboration with erica synths.


    red big LED eye
    Pico VCOPico DSP

    Error spikes

    Price goes on request

    see demo

    new demo…

    € 1.400,00
  • ERROR patch cables set of  10   size   100cm  XX long  RED
    ERROR patch cables set of 10 size 100cm XX long RED

    patch cables

    Red 100cm
    Quality cable 4mm thick
    Extra luxury finished
    Best test
    Only set of 10 x in pimpy golden bag

    Note this article in 50cm and 100cm

    € 35,00
  • ERROR patch cables set of  10   size   50cm  long  RED
    ERROR patch cables set of 10 size 50cm long RED

    patch cables

    Red 50cm
    Quality cable 4mm thick
    Extra luxury finished
    Best test
    Only set of 10 x in pimpy golden bag

    € 28,00
  • -20%

    100x antie rack rash screws ! BLACK
    100x antie rack rash screws ! BLACK

    for euro rack 100x 3m antie rack rash screws hard nylon quality
    better for travels with your suitcase and vibration loosening. beautiful.
    solid screws

    Size: M3

    Material: Nylon66

    Nylon fasteners are favoured especially in such…

    € 10,00 € 8,00
  • -7%

    Black Wavetable VCO
    Black Wavetable VCO

    Black Wavetable VCO is compact, fat sounding wavetable VCO that features 16+ banks of selected waves: classical synths, FM synths, Erica modular, vowels and others.

    The VCO has separate -1 and -2 octaves suboscillator output,…

    € 335,00 € 310,00
  • Pico Trigger
    Pico Trigger

    Erica Pico Trigger module provides master clock for the Pico System, as well as it generates up to 16 step patterns of 4triggers – simple clock divider patterns, and more advanced polyrhythmic patterns of different step length…

    € 129,00



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