dsp synth. comes from Sweden.

the land of Abba and Ikea

digital drums oscillators more
euro rack

Jan is the coding guru ; }

by Jan Ostman

Jan Ostman is also the code writer or DSP algorithms

many traditional sounds of retro drum machines

as. 808 / upop, s / more

The modules are handy little 3 hp or 4 hp

and very nice price. and very nice in filters or delays

  • sold out

    808 drum,s
    808 drum,s

    808 Style 4HP Vintage Drum Module

    The Drum8 u808 4HP Module is an eight voice polyphonic drum sample module with 8 sounds.

    Sound inspired by the classic 808 rhytm composer.

    Featuring 8 Positive edge trigger inputs it also has a…

  • 4 voice polyphonic drum module
    4 voice polyphonic drum module

    4 voice polyphonic drum module

    The Nano Drum series gives you some classic drum sounds in only 4HP rack space.

    4 trig inputs and a global tune CV.

    4 different modules to choose from.

    € 80,00
  • supper good

    eurorack screw m3 100x   black !!
    eurorack screw m3 100x black !!

    black screws m3

    8mm long

    fits well

    also good for Nilon ring.

    or thicker front panels.

    nice black.


    € 5,50 € 4,50
  • 12 u   Case “Performer Series” meanwell power supply
    12 u Case “Performer Series” meanwell power supply


    12/104Hp Portable Eurorack Modular Case “Performer Series”

    Welcome to the new MDLRCASE portable Eurorack case; the 12U 104HP…

    € 899,00
  • -18%

    bus boards discount pack 4x  only 99euro
    bus boards discount pack 4x only 99euro

    discount pack 4 x 99euro

    Our custom busboards feature 20 shrouded headers that prevent accidental reversed connection of modules, LED status indicators for each rail, and easily accessible screw terminals for connecting to your…

    € 120,00 € 99,00


nononono ! eurorack € 135,00 € 115,00


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