About the manufacturer is a company which specializes in eurorack modules with a strong westcoast feeling in mind. 
The modules are fully compatible with popular modern modular synthesizers like Doepfer, Analogue Systems, Make Noise and others and implement accurate 1 or 1.2 v/oct standard.

  • Furthrrrr Generator Furthrrrr Generator

    The Furthrrrr Generator by austrian manufacturer is a complex completely analog oscillator inspired by the buchla 259. The Furthrrrr Generator has a main oscillator (carrier) with an extensive and fully voltage…

    € 695,00
  • Gateway Gateway

    Gateway is an expansion module for Terminal. Via a set of CV-inputs you get more control over the envelopes of Terminal. Gateway also gives you the possibility to use the Terminal-AD-envelopes as…

    € 250,00
  • Shuttle Control Shuttle Control

    Shuttle Control is a 16-channel MIDI/CV interface which can recieve USB-MIDI at a number of inputs simultaneously. For instance control signals from a tablet/PC/Mac at the "to device socket" or USB-MIDI-Keyboard or controllers via…

    € 450,00
  • strong zero VCO Core strong zero VCO Core

    The strong zero VCO Core is a 16-pin DIP IC chip replacement for the normal VCO Cores of the Furthrrrr Generator.
    It replaces the chip of the carrier on the PCB. You simply need to remove the original chip and replace it with the…

    € 79,00
  • Terminal Terminal

    Terminal kombiniert einen dualen AD-Hüllkurvengenerator, ein Low Pass Gate und einen digitalen Reverb/Echo-Effekt.

    Die Sektionen Airplane A und Airplane B besitzen jeweils eine Anstiegs- und eine Abstiegsphase, sprich Attack und…

    € 555,00
  • eurorack screw m3 100x   black !!
    eurorack screw m3 100x black !!

    black screws m3

    8mm long

    fits well

    also good for Nilon ring.

    or thicker front panels.

    nice black.


    € 5,50
  • 6U Eurorack Case “Performer Series” meanwell power supply
    6U Eurorack Case “Performer Series” meanwell power supply

    6U Eurorack Case “Performer Series” meanwell power supply

    Meet the new MDLRCASE portable Eurorack case; the 6U 104HP Performer Series.

    The 6U 104HP Performer Series case is our first portable case and is the first entry…

    € 669,00
  • 12 u   Case “Performer Series” meanwell power supply
    12 u Case “Performer Series” meanwell power supply


    12/104Hp Portable Eurorack Modular Case “Performer Series”

    Welcome to the new MDLRCASE portable Eurorack case; the 12U 104HP…

    € 899,00
  • -18%

    bus boards discount pack 4x  only 99euro
    bus boards discount pack 4x only 99euro

    discount pack 4 x 99euro

    Our custom busboards feature 20 shrouded headers that prevent accidental reversed connection of modules, LED status indicators for each rail, and easily accessible screw terminals for connecting to your…

    € 120,00 € 99,00


circiutbent Toy gitaary € 40,00 € 30,00


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