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    Mutable Instruments - Warps
    Mutable Instruments - Warps

    OVERVIEWWarps blends and combines two audio signals through a variety of cross-modulation algorithms – some of them emulating classic analog circuits, some of them purely digital. Most of these sonic transformations make the…

    € 235,00 € 209,00
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    Mutable Instruments - Elements
    Mutable Instruments - Elements

    OVERVIEWEntire synthesizer voice that is based on modal synthesis, an under-appreciated form of physical modeling. It combines an exciter synthesis section for raw and noise sounds with the characterisstics of a bowed, blown or…

    € 555,00 € 499,00
  • extra low price

    GRANDPA sampler
    GRANDPA sampler

    GRANDPAgranular sampler

    We have been asked by people to bring microGranny into the modular and we decided to rethink the whole granular sampler idea to fit it best into small size eurorack module. Grandpa is the result! It has 2…

    € 219,00 € 175,00
  • -14%

    army case eurorack
    army case eurorack

    army case
    heavy metal
    ammo case220V in

    busboard 12 + / 12- / 5 v
    convenient multi jack 4x4
    to big jack
    or to Bannan 4mm

    Attention this is the case without modules

    full case can be built

    inc modules 10%…

    € 320,00 € 275,00
  • free patch cables

    Mutable Instruments - Peaks
    Mutable Instruments - Peaks

    Two channel general purpose module for processing trigger signals. In simple words: inject a trigger or a gate and create envelopes, synchronized LFOs, a tap-tempo LFO or deum sounds. Three modes allow for different use of the…

    € 179,00 € 169,00


SOLENOID € 129,00 € 105,00


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