specials limited sound art eurorack

specials limited sound art eurorack 


Some modules are only made dozens of

very limited and very interesting.

on this page. the attention to creativity

the instrumente builder .and the instrument user





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  • inc SID

    SID GUTS... ALM .... real SID chip rare
    SID GUTS... ALM .... real SID chip rare

    The MOS Technology 6581/8580 ‘Sound Interface Device’ chip, aka the ‘SID’, was the sound generator chip used in the Commodore 64 home computer – the greatest selling home computer of all time. The SID, by the means of 3…

    € 360,00
  • VCO . CD moter modul  rare ..
    VCO . CD moter modul rare ..

    very limited .max 10
    voltage control. dc motor.
    see demo experimental osilator
    2x coil sensor
    which the sound capture on the motor

    see demo

    € 179,00
  • sold out

    HARD CANDY ! eurorack
    HARD CANDY ! eurorack

    1. Experimental VCO

    drone/noise/pulsh/bleep/swoop/glitch sound


    2. complex internal patch 10 x patch jacks mix it for the vco…

  • sold out

    ERD/γ   radioactive source in eurorack
    ERD/γ radioactive source in eurorack

    made by. Martin Howse

    Gamma images: Dirk DunkelbergProvide by Arts, for the hardnesse of Nature, for one Sister weepeth without the other.Extending the explorations of material process and ever viral code initiated by the…

  • circuit bent sounds

    Talko  .,retro speak toy  in eurorack
    Talko .,retro speak toy in eurorack

    ” Have your modular speak out the CV “

    INTROThis module is performing realtime LPC synthesis and uses no sampling to produce intelligible voice or … not if you choose to.

    This module is developed with the help of the…

    € 179,00
  • -5%

    VOICEREC1c   in eurorack
    VOICEREC1c in eurorack


    - disable input trigger/gate.

    - CV pitch.
    - Trigger for playback, playback starts from the beginning of the sample and retriggers on rising edge.
    - Audio out +/- 10v peak to peak, can be adjusted…

    € 185,00 € 175,00
  • NEW !!

    nononono !  eurorack
    nononono ! eurorack


    capacitive to cv Module

    € 135,00 € 115,00
  • sold out !!

    NO DRUMS 2015 eurorack
    NO DRUMS 2015 eurorack

    no drum
    module that tries to sound like drum sounds but mostly fails at it.

    Mini jack connection:
    - Trigger in.
    - Gate in.
    - CV starve.
    - CV oscillator A.
    - Trigger out for oscillator A.
    - CV oscillator B.
    - 10v PP…

  • sold out

    eurorack kalimba
    eurorack kalimba

    eurrack kalimba

    small kalimba

    microphone built in *

    preamp tune knop

    comes with free external contakt microphone.

    for their own experimental adventure

    3.5 jack out

    nice sound

    see demo

  • rare hard to find

    ERD/SIR  eurorack   BY martin_howse
    ERD/SIR eurorack BY martin_howse

    The ERD modular eurorack series, from the creator of the Black Death noise synth devices,aims to infect and contaminate the world of Eurorack with a radical, new artistic sensibility.ERD/ERD (Earth Return Distortion) and ERD/SIR…

    € 220,00
  • extra low price

    GRANDPA sampler
    GRANDPA sampler

    GRANDPAgranular sampler

    We have been asked by people to bring microGranny into the modular and we decided to rethink the whole granular sampler idea to fit it best into small size eurorack module. Grandpa is the result! It has 2…

    € 219,00 € 175,00
  • collectors item

    NO DRUM 2011 RARE   collectors item
    NO DRUM 2011 RARE collectors item

    € 210,00 € 189,00
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casio vl.10 € 199,00 € 139,00


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