workshops and education

workshops and education

workshops and education 

workshops and education is also platform for knowledge sharing

So workshop .on festivals Schools of art and culture houses


We have workshops in electronics .diy. circuit bending. Live Coding. may build your own error synths.
Noise boxes .modular synthesizer patching. and more

We work with international teacher .scientists. artists.

the age is from young to older aged 6 to 96 years .for university or children or hobby

at workshops nothing crazy .you need not be very smart .or highly educated

it comes to the ,. creativity. So feel free to ask. during workshops

it is the goal to have .to and fun day. to share knowledge. to go home with your instrument

see below .what we offer

for interest.




  • workshop

    Build Mikrophonie  eurorack
    Build Mikrophonie eurorack

    This workshop is about making the Mikrophonie
    of thonk.but also.

    Also you will make contak external mic.

    you can connect this to your Mikrophonie

    for more fun.

    the work shop lasts 6 to 8 hours first some info on each…

  • workshop

    Art of Circuit Bent workshop
    Art of Circuit Bent workshop

    Circuit Bent workshop

    the art of Circuit Bent workshop
    involves the hacking of existing equipmentmake you old toys or music instrument .a new experimental tool

    and the electronics Recycl

    without much soldering experience


  • sold out

    book . Geert-Jan Hobijn
    book . Geert-Jan Hobijn

    GEERT-JAN HOBIJN - WITTEVEEN+BOS ART+TECHNOLOGY AWARD 2014What an amazing and suitable homage to Hobijn, founder of Staalplaat and Staalplaat Soundsystem. The beautiful design is completely in line with the characteristics…


the Patern Commander NEW !! € 50,00 € 35,00


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