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bastl-instruments /eurorack   cooperation with Bastl Instruments is proud Bastl Instruments

we know each other from the beginning

a life as friends

What is good to know that Bastl Instruments

is a combination of two people

Václav Peloušek .is a super good inventor and technical creative

Ondřej Merta artist .Choose special materials and design. also the sound

these people complement each other well.

Now they make a great team


Euro rack modules

synths, samplers s sensors

and more

they make a very nice affordable product

with a very good design

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  • -15%

    SPA  grandPa Expander
    SPA grandPa Expander

    grandPa Expander

    Spa is an expander for the granular sampler module grandPa. It adds CV inputs for nearly all parameters and a clock input to trigger the grain shift. It doesn’t work without the grandPa Eurorack module.


    € 105,00 € 89,00
  • extra low price

    GRANDPA sampler
    GRANDPA sampler

    GRANDPAgranular sampler

    We have been asked by people to bring microGranny into the modular and we decided to rethink the whole granular sampler idea to fit it best into small size eurorack module. Grandpa is the result! It has 2…

    € 219,00 € 175,00
  • CIAO !
    CIAO !

    CIAO !quad line output & headphones amp

    4 high quality line outputs for your modular in compact format. With line level clipping indication is handy for both recording and live. Headphone output can be quickly switched to listen…

    € 139,00
  • -9%


    TROMSØTromsø is a combination of 3 basic utility modules: VCO, Comparator and Sample & Hold. Internal normalisation allows you to instantly use it as voltage controllable analog downsampler (or sample rate reducer if you like).…

    € 159,00 € 145,00
  • -6%


    DYNAMODynamics and more

    Dynamo is combination of 3 utility modules: envelope follower, comparator and voltage controlled switch. It combines Envelope Follower and comparator to extract gate from the envelope. On top of that there…

    € 155,00 € 145,00
  • -7%


    HENDRIKSONHendrikson is a guitar/ instrument amplifier and an interface for external effects processors like stomp boxes. The most unique feature is the mix output which is CV controllable crossfader between the signal that goes…

    € 149,00 € 139,00

    POPCORNnon-linear cv sequencer

    Compact, but incredibly musical sequencer / quantizer / arpeggiator – you name it! Popcorn sequencer embraces the idea of making selection of 8 notes that can be browsed in many different ways. It…

    € 279,00
  • -7%


    SKISdual decay + vca

    In the front of every ski there is a curve similar to a decay envelope. Skis module has two channels A and B and each of them consists of a decay envelope with knob control and a VCA. There is a TRIGGER input…

    € 145,00 € 135,00
  • -6%


    CLUTCHquad attenuator & volume pedal to CV interface

    Simple but handy utility module gives you 4 attenuators. But not only that: it unlocks the possibility to control your modular with your feet! Each of the channels can be…

    € 105,00 € 99,00
  • new !!

    new  ABC
    new ABC

    ABC6 channel mixer

    ABC is simple 6 channel signal mixer. It has 6 inputs A,B,C,D,E and F and two outputs A+B+C which is mixed in to the D+E+F output if nothing is inserted in the A+B+C jack. ABC is designed to mix audio signals…

    € 99,00
  • NEW !!


    SENSEanalog sensor calibration module

    SENSE can convert and amplify signal from almost any type of analog sensor into control voltage and gate signals. You can use sensors with variable resistance (light dependent resistors, body…

    € 140,00 € 104,00
  • new


    QUATTRO FIGAROquad VCA with CV invertors and mixed outputs

    Quattro Figaro is 4 channel VCA (voltage controlled amplifier) with one CV inverter per channel and outputs of mixed channels. Each channel A,B,C and D has its GAIN knob,…

    € 199,00
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NatLab orbit drone € 275,00 € 175,00


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