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below 100 euro sales !!!!!!! synths 

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    Like the Stylophone, use a stylus to make it sound, but the resemblance with the legendary instrument by Dubreq ends here. Built and designed by BleepLabs in Austin, the Neboluphone has lots of knobs and buttons to alter the…

  • Glitches box
    Glitches box

    glitches BOX noise drone circuitbend sound box

    16 sound effects

    lot of glitches

    pitch knop 3.5 mm jack out

    only at

    see demo

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    L.E.P - Cassa
    L.E.P - Cassa

    OVERVIEWCassa means bass drum in Italian and this Eurorack module is the drum voice you might know from the Leploop. An unique and pretty wild bass drum!
    But used as a wasted audio effect for crushing and distorting audio the…

  • -30%

    gakken SX-150 Mark II   toy synth + big filter
    gakken SX-150 Mark II toy synth + big filter

    ANALOG SYNTHESIZER SX-150 MARK II – A ‘FULLY FUNCTIONAL’ TOY SYNTH FOR ONDER $100error kis now offering the Analog Synthesizer SX-150 Mark II – a ‘fully functional’ toy synth – for onder $100.

    The Analog Synthesizer…

    € 99,00 € 69,00
  • super sale

    the Patern Commander    NEW !!
    the Patern Commander NEW !!

    the Patern Commander is a

    8 pre-programmed presets
    fan control voltage pulse.
    The LED indicator shows the rhythm of the pulsedis pluse is the rhythm of the CV OUT

    and controll the moduler

    notes have one node 8 different…

    € 50,00 € 35,00
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    talking drone glitch
    talking drone glitch

    talking drone glitch

    6 glitch modes 1 twik drone mode 9 v in 6.5mm jack out

    originele speakjet chip from 80,s sound is the best

    + baterij clip free

    + acdc adapter free

    see demo

  • sssttt

    Auto-Step lfo Synthesizer
    Auto-Step lfo Synthesizer

    This device is based on a stepped-tone generator but with a sweeping LFO giving it an almost automated looping effect, as well as a low-pass filter that allows you to sweep the high-end in or out.

    Along the bottom you have…

    € 105,00 € 79,00
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    full assembled pulse free contact MIC € 95
    full assembled pulse free contact MIC € 95

    Tom Whitwell the designer of Mikrophonie describes the module thus:

    “Mikrophonie is a microphone preamp with a piezo contact mic built into the panel.

    It is an easy way to bring environmental noise and feedback into a modular…

    € 115,00 € 95,00
  • SOLD !!  The Qadrox
    SOLD !! The Qadrox

    The Sismo Qadrox is a squarewave generator with four analog oscillators built in eight step sequencer and sync by external clock.
    Eight step CV sequencer (0-5 Volts) control the sound generator.


    - Create powerful noisy…

  • sold out !!   new Mixtape Alpha
    sold out !! new Mixtape Alpha

    A re-release of our pocket-sized 8-bit synth, complete with four voices, four effects, five-note polyphony, record, playback, and more!AS FEATURED…

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    NEW Noise Hero - Lofi Electronic Musical Instrument Noise Maker
    NEW Noise Hero - Lofi Electronic Musical Instrument Noise Maker

    Noise hero is a little 4093 based electronic noise maker. Its great for making sound effects and silly noises.

    It is controlled by 5 knobs, 8 switches and one push button.

    It has 3 oscillators (Yellow, Green and Blue knobs). Osc…

    € 110,00
  • -14%

    buddha machine 3
    buddha machine 3

    buddha machine 3

    What is it?The Buddha Machine is a small plastic box that plays meditative music composed by Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian.

    Since its introduction in 2005, the Buddha Machine has won global praise for its…

    € 35,00 € 29,95
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fertas SQ wood no CV € 645,00 € 545,00


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