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A S M R tool box

It’s a really simple box With a big sensitive pick up .

Who catching the sounds in a small acoustic wooden room The box .

It has a mini Jack out That you can use straight in eurorack

or korg or op-1 And a lot more.

On the box You can mount on a special way different kind of springs or elastics .

To make sounds .

Of course you can use stuff from the kitchen like chopsticks or a Teeth brush .

Your creativity is endless. It’s really nice if you wanna make some soundscapes

you put this in a delay or a reserve You can also use it as a trigger for drums.

It will trigger when you hit on it. The box is also the storage

place of the springs that comes with the Instrument It comes

with three different Springs with different sounds. Remember this is a passive device .

So it don’t need any batteries or power . It needs an amplifier Or just something that

you can put it into . Effects Guitar pedal more . The box is officially

made in Indonesia Assembled in Amsterdam the Netherlands .

Interesting tool Check demonstration videos only at errorinstruments

ON drums




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