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Manual Oscillatoscope2b ::ABOUT It can convert CV and audio signals into video and audio. It works by changing the frequency of oscillators that are synced to a VGA sync generator. The signal that is generated is output as audio on a mini jack connector, and as video on the VGA connector. ::CONNECTION inputs: - cv in for R,G,B pitch (starve) - high gain audio in for R,G,B pitch (starve) - cv in for sync horizontal - cv in for sync vertical - power in +)- 7.5v DC 1A outputs: - audio out - vertical sync out - USB 5V power, max 500ma - VGA out 640x480 60hz (actual resolution is that of the screen itself, because it is a analog signal) ::CONTROLS pots: - R,G,B pitch (starve) - R pitch - G pitch - B pitch - sync horizontal - sync vertical switches: - R horizontal/vertical - G horizontal/vertical - B horizontal/vertical  



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