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eurorack VC122 DC motor driver

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VC122 ::ABOUT linear DC motor driver for low power motors, with linear i mean it does not use PWM to drive the motor, this prevents noise. i have used this circuit over many years and found it to be useful for driving low power dc motors. it has build in over current protection, hold current is 250ma (means the fuse is rated for 250ma), trip current is 500ma (it means the maximum current for the fuse to trip is 500ma). the fuse is a PTC fuse, this means it will reset by cooling down. so if it trips, you can turn the pots to the left (down) wait a few seconds and turn the pot up a again. ::CONNECTION controls: - maine adjust, sets the voltage. and shifts the cv input voltage up and down. - cv input volume control, if no external voltage in is connected it sets the offset to ground for the dc motor, basically it sets the lowest point the motor starts to rotate at. inputs: - cv in vor output voltage. outputs: - DC output for the motor. power: - +12v between 20ma and 500ma depending on usage. - -12v not used.


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