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RADIO SPUTNIK brickie format

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Radio Sputnik. .Experimental mini modular synthesiser .Is based on radio waves and it works with frequencies . AM FM .EL .

There is a digital oscillator And an analog oscillator .

There is also a Clock divider this make the mix of Microtones And heavy deep sub bas sound The sound is Have a lot of Textures . It’s really good for industrial rhythms or sweeps Or some soundscapes or noise . There is a clock import to mix it with external gear Everything is CV controllable And everything is eurorack Compatible mono Jack . For more information see the demo movie. It comes in a beautiful case included Six patch cables







Technical info

Power supply 9 v Centre plus (+) Brickie format Standalone Mono minijack output ( Not for headphones) Three oscillators 6 o’clock dividers A lot of control voltage in end output Eurorack compatible .sync in Minijack Material: Metal case / pcb


Special thanks for development and research Elec From variable oscillators Canada Eefje Brinkiy .Hardware design



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