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ERROR BOX [ silver noise }

Vorige Item 4 of 24 Volgende

is a psychedelic soundscape synth
to use as standing alone.
or with other instruments
great pathable buchla style and pure analogue
is available and different styles
neo noir / silver noise / army usssr
with or without control voltage.

along time ago there was the first soundscape machine . Fertas 1 it was before. all the sound scape machines that are now. The chips and the parts are getting a rare. in that time. of this experimental noise drone sounds machine. was getting in and of production. but I found a new parts in Asia re-created something that is almost the same. ERROR BOX The box is a mix between the eurorack module Secret handshake . and Old Fertas 1 we created a solid experimental sound machine . with a modular patchbay . this sounds can be really rush . between minimal bleeps . and screaming noise this model has a big reverb delay . that can really go in Feedback .like ever made . you can use this effect also on other gear .it has external input ERROR BOX come out different ways Black / Army style / Silver if you would like to ad Control voltage .it's an option that cost €50 extra . because it's not necessary . only if you want to use it in the modular system .

note that the housing
deliberately scratched raw it is made of
  matrial from the army . so its extra Raww



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