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New Krusnek synth .

Philosophy A wooden box .a wooden box who talk the language .of analog pulses .The language of spikes. but with a changing some of the LDR sensor . Who can be the master. of controlling the forests . like the sun . it there is a lot going on between the trees they making algorithms . just choices who is connected to who . with Metal wire .or alligator clips . or more organic just with The hand .or more random with the spoons . elements are parts of the forests the sun can be used on or off . there is a lot of pleasure for the one who have pleasure.Who works with accidentally feedback . The delay makes an echo . like a shadow .Who is almost come a little bit later.and it's also less perfect .The shadow in the forest .controlling the sun .The sun can be the master . of the forest . it can sound like a broken forest in fire . or the sparks of electricity . controlling this minimal sounds . vca function . none of them are the same . well not exactly . it's just a little wooden box with the pink data from a nice green forest .....Krusnek Forest




most psychedelic and experimental synthesizers

2x CV in 1x cv out  

1x audio out  from synth 

1x in delay in 

2x delay out big & smal

9v plus in midle 





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