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mellow mantra. mercedes pony

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about the . mellow mantra.
a Companion Synthesizer.
piece of art makes some noise
wonderful as back ground in home or work place
or together with other instruments

they are unique.

Take it with you to write melodies, chords and experiment with unusual tunings, interact with its unique built-in polyphonic sequencer

it has two modes:

Melody mode == ==

6 wooden bars touch Become a six-voice polyphonic synth / organ instrument
each of the six touch bars are independently tunable-allowing you to set any bar to any pitch (Hertz, freq.)
the two remaining wooden touch bars (to the left) Become | pitch-- | and | pitch ++ | for any / all bars (voices) That are being played (pressed)
== / corinthian / sequencer mode ==

6 wooden bars touch Become six timing controls for 6 independent, one-step sequencers
| Pitch + - | Control for bars (voices) remains the same as in melody mode
Two remaining wooden touch bars (to the left) Become | shift_1 | and | shift_2 | for other synth settings-including wave_form selection and decay time.
5 wave_forms
3 decay_settings
Save pitches (Hertz / frequencies) of the 6 bars (voices) to internal memory. These will be loaded next time you power on.
-Powered by 3 AA batteries- -Battery Life = + 8 Hours

-3.5mm "HeadPhone" Jack Output

unfortunately made in small quantities .by personal reason of the creator.
he'll no longer made.
and there are only 10 made
which errorinstrumets. used as a canvas for art.

they differ from models

Technically they are the same

 also with gold leaf
more info
see demo video


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