Icon Digital Fader8 Cleaning Kit

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Icon Digital Fader8 Cleaning Kit

The Icon Fader8 is an indispensable cleaning kit for music/audio professionals and audiophiles that was specially developed by service technicians for the world-class cleaning, care and protection of faders and potentiometers. It reliably removes stubborn dirt and stains, but does not damage the sensitive parts of the potentiometers or faders. The set consists of a cleaning spray, a compressed air spray, special cleaning rod and a cleaning cloth. Avoid costly repairs that result in replacing the fader by using the Fader8 cleaning Kit.

The cleaning kit includes everything that engineers, musicians, producers and hobbyists need to clean consoles, Professional Audio equipment, lighting, DAW controllers and DJ equipment, Home Audio, Guitars and Basses. Requiring no pre or post treatment the all in one Fader8 cleaning kit includes 1 200ml can of Compressed Air, 1 200ml can of cleaning solution, 3 swabs and 1 microfiber cloth.

Fader8 is designed for a higher quality, longer lasting, deep clean for faders, pots and switches.

Included in the kit:
- Clean: 1 can cleaning solution with extension tube
- Air: 1 can compressed air with extension tube
- Tip: 3 swabs
- 1 microfiber cloth

Application Process:
- With 8Air release fader from dust and dirtiness
- Set fader close to end position. Now use 8Clean to spray underneath the slider contact. Just a short spray impulse! Move slider upward.
- IMPORTANT: Use 8Clean economically, just to bedew the fader contact surface.
- Move slider up and down several times and let operate 8Clean for about 1 minute.
- With 8Tip please swap the loose dirt inside the fader.
- The additional duster inside Fader8 cleaning kit is excellent to gently clean your hardware surface. 


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