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Glitch.. secret handshake nr 2

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the new secret handshake
series No.2

is a CMOS (logic IC) ANALOG  based instrument.
The synth has 3 squarewave  1 triangel oscillators that modulate each other

is based on electrostatic noise

also called GLITCH

3 x body contact. touch buttons

for static resistance of the moisture from your fingers

very raw.

minimum swoops

2x CV input.

you can .Use as VCA CV input

can pulse of the LFO. until then the sound completely off or on

Searching the hidden sounds

crazy but super nice

you can hear the electric sparks

also used as experimental  CV  source

10 hp



about the. secret handshake series
, and collection of limited noise modules.
no more than 50 pieces made
they are driven to Analog osilators with the clash of
sound waves .in complex patterns or sounds
the sound is very broad to the point 0 or ultra sound
  which can not be heard by human ears.
these modules with control voltage. the LFO or an ADSR
to influence .

  the secret handshake series.

    have you in 3 types

1. THE NOISE. severals noise waveforms that can modulate the switches

2. THE GLITCH. sound of static electricity. with touch buttons .you can hear every spark

3. SOLAR. sound become influenced by the light-sensitive sensors. use as CV or audio


Also nice if  using  CV source

do it for example in a Doepfer osc

or Mutable Instruments braids in 1 volt per octave



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