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ERD/γ radioactive source in eurorack

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made by.  Martin Howse

Gamma images: Dirk Dunkelberg

Provide by Arts, for the hardnesse of Nature, for one Sister weepeth without the other.

Extending the explorations of material process and ever viral code initiated by the micro_research ERD series, ERD/γ digs the Eurorack synth deep into geological time scales of radioactive decay. The module provides a radioactive source (Uraninite aka. Pitchblende), Geiger counter and processing to deliver both pure random voltages and random timing/triggers.

Given the half life of the isotopes within the active material (Uranium-238 and Uranium-235) the module must be returned for recalibration in perhaps a few billion years.

According to selected mode (four CV modes) ERD/γ outputs a scaled random control voltage (0-5v) either at specific adjusted time deltas, or at scaled random times. A low entropy mode allows for faster random CV out (maximum 100-150Hz as compared to 10-20Hz). A trigger mode supplies the last available random voltage on trigger in (rising edge). A dedicated trigger out provides a 5v pulse (200uS duration) at random scaled intervals (at zero speed scale each pulse mirrors a beta decay event at the geiger tube). Timing and voltage scales are under CV control; local entropy can thus be reduced.


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